Start building responsive websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — a versatile skill set with powerful applications in a variety of design, marketing, and other tech-adjacent roles. The .NET Fundamentals certification covers topics such as the .NET Framework, C# programming language, Visual Studio IDE, and web development using ASP.NET and HTML5. The exam focuses on fundamental concepts related to these topics and does not require any prior experience or knowledge of the subject matter.

ASP.NET Core is one of the most popular web development frameworks used to create websites and Apis for various domains, such as social media, eCommerce, travel, and more. Professionals looking to advance their careers with the latest trends and technology in web development can do so by earning a ASP.NET Core certification. This course is recommended for any.NET beginner or professional who is interested in creating advanced, lightweight, cloud-based web applications. Train to work on a project team to develop integrated ASP.NET applications. Work with quality assurance engineers to ensure delivery of high quality and reliable solutions.

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It signals the marriage of technical prowess with agile sophistication, positioning a .NET developer as not merely a coder, but a craftsman in the realm of agile delivery. This certification represents a developer’s commitment to producing valuable, high-quality software, sprint after sprint. ASP.NET MVC5 and ASP.NET Core are both web application frameworks developed by Microsoft, but they have some fundamental differences in terms of architecture, features, and capabilities.

However, if you have existing applications built with ASP.NET MVC5, you can still maintain and update them and gradually migrate to ASP.NET Core to get ASP.NET Core performance and cross-platform benefits. One of the projects in the .NET Core online training is to build a website named “ePizzaHub” that allows customers to order pizza and get its delivery uninterruptedly. Project development allows you to bring your learning into reality to solve real-world problems.

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This certification is tailor-made for .NET developers who are seeking to elevate their careers by mastering the Azure environment. This certification clearly indicates a developer’s ability to integrate their .NET skills with Azure’s expansive cloud services, producing secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions. The online training in this course set a good foundation that can be applied practically. The online classes were brilliant and Mr. Shailendra took each class with lot of examples and explanations. The course was very useful for me to develop .net MVC, RAZOR framework and Web API applications.

.net razor developer certification

The wave of digital transformation has given way to the growth in .NET development — a well-established proprietary framework expanding its wings into the future. Getting certified in .NET will open up a plethora of opportunities for a professional. Also as a matter of fact, a certified .NET developer gets paid well then their non-certified counterparts. The average salary of certified .NET developers is around $97,888 per annum.

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CompTIA A+ Certification for .NET Developers is a certification program from CompTIA, an IT industry trade association. It is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of experienced .NET developers in areas such as Windows operating systems, networking, security, troubleshooting, and more. For .NET developers, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification .net razor developer serves as a pathway into the AWS ecosystem. With a growing number of enterprises hosting .NET applications in cloud environments, including AWS, this certification could be a strategic step. It empowers .NET developers with essential knowledge that can facilitate better decision-making when deploying, managing, or optimizing .NET applications in AWS.

.net razor developer certification

PSM I certification from is the foundational certification for those who wish to validate their knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application. As a PSM I holder, you don’t just know Scrum theoretically; you understand how to implement it practically, empowering your team to harness the full potential of Scrum and Agile principles. We will discuss all possible technical interview questions and answers during the training program so that you can prepare yourself for interview.

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Alex has worked for companies of nearly every size, ranging from small start-ups to very large enterprises. Moreinterest in other visual and interactive technologies such as digital animation and game development with Maya and Unity. They really helped me navigate my career change into software development. I was going to go the self taught route but I came across their website and it seemed like a cost effective alternative. The projects at the end of the program were challenging and really helped you showcase your skills and standout amongst other bootcamp graduates.

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