How to Add a Password to a Bat File: 6 Steps with Pictures

It comes with all the features that one would expect from a text editor or source code editor. And we can add many more features to Notepad++ using a number of freely available plugins. For example, we can add encryption features to Notepad++ using a plugin called SecurePad. You will be prompted for the encryption […]

winapi Find the path of notepad exe and mspaint.exe

This has been the case for all versions of Windows. If you want TextEdit to always use plain, unformatted text, then open its preferences and click the radio button for “Plain text”. New files will then always be created this way. The status bar is located in the bottom part of the Notepad screen. […]

themes Is there a way to make notepad++ application itself dark?

Just go to Settings/StyleConfig/Select Theme as Dark Black and you are done. Editor than all the convoluted answers I found. If the keyboard shortcut is enabled, you can now use Ctrl+Win+C to toggle your previously chosen color filter. Be great to fork the original source and update the theme manager to be able to colourise […]